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Attractions & Activities

“The Frozen City – ICE WORLD TOUR” - features endless activities ALL under one roof!
Indoor amusement parks, arts and crafts workshops, ice skating rinks, inflatable cities, an igloo cinema, and the list goes on! With a variety of attractions and activities, get the full festive experience, where there’s something for all ages.

Spectacular Shows

One stage? Not enough! The city will feature FIVE STAGES with five different show brands.
One TICKET at “The Frozen City - Ice World Tour” will grant you access to all these 5 incredible shows. Stage one features the SANTA EXPRESS CIRCUS with the most incredible circus stunts and variety acts. On the second, an incredible BUBBLES SPECTACULAR SHOW with the world’s top bubbleologist. Stage three features BALLOONS WONDERLAND WORLD TOUR with over thousands of balloon figures, costumes and props, all from abroad. Stroll on to the fourth for the delicious famous CANDY FEST WORLD TOUR! Meet the gingerbread man alongside the cotton candy family! And finally, at our main stage, witness the FROZEN CITY ICE WORLD TOUR, a magical and enchanted show with special effects used for the first time ever in Lebanon!

Rides & Games

Our rides will make you spin, fly and drop from a great height to get your adrenaline pumping!
Or if you prefer a slower pace, there are plenty of gentle rides

Santa's Experience

The Frozen City will host the biggest Santa’s House Lebanon has ever witnessed!
Fully furnished with real indoor décor; navigate your way through Santa’s living room, bedroom, work space, and cook with Mama Claus in the kitchen! Browse an amazing assortment of Christmas decor, exclusive North Pole apparel, and a variety of instant photo opportunities with the jolly man himself! Santa’s Experience is brought to you by “HOMEPOINT”!

Young or old, Santa’s experience is a must see at Christmas.

Food & Drinks

No matter what time of day you’re visiting, there’s a variety of delicious food to satisfy your taste buds!

Christmas Market

Our beautiful Christmas Markets, sparkling with fairy lights, provide a truly unique and festive shopping experience.

18+ Bar Chill Area

Tired of all that strolling and Christmas shopping? Make sure to stop by our 18+ Bar Chill Area. Lounge on some beanbags and grab yourself a drink for a relaxing social experience.

International Parades

Keep an eye out for our marching band and intriguing characters parading around the Frozen City! A fun interactive experience with international conceptualization.

Live Bands and Djs

Listen live to the biggest hits and best performances featuring our exciting selection of Lebanon’s hottest bands and Djs just for you!

Kids Indoor Karting Experience

We’ve brought the most innovative indoor karting ring to the Frozen City! Bring your kids to enjoy a fun race game like never before!

Inflatable Games

BOUNCE BOUNCE BOUNCE! The Inflatable City Will Keep You Entertained And Jumping Around, Releasing All This Festive Energy!